Designed polyurethane armchair , Stefano Bettio 2018, Made in Italy for REAL PIEL SRL.

We will show this new collection durning ORGATEC in Koln, October 2018.

The worldwide presentation will be also for NURchair and OHRpoltrona.

Hope to see you there, hall10.2 stand N61

All our products can be upholstered in COM or with  the coating materials we have in warehouse.





GOOD DESIGN motivates

We are very close to the new year 2017, a great year , so lets go!

Usually i love share with you my trips around this planet, my feelings, the experiences….

This time friends i’m so happy to share with all of you a business part of my life,

new division  JUST RELAX  Soft Seating for contract projects  part REAL PIEL

members of katabe group

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I’m so thankfull to all the passionate people who are working and worked hard every day in Real Piel :  Aldo, Stefano, Alessia, Silvia, Alex, Massimo, my family, all friends. God bless you ❤

Since 2004 we are growing daily. Its not easy, it’s not fast, it’s not a piece of cake grow today in turnover, profit, expanding your name and brand, investing, risking…

  but yes, we are reality builders and we do it!

Sometimes dream comes true so never stop wish and “walla”, dream BIG.

 To my mother.”wherever you are…MADE IN ITALY love”

xxx Katia


Here some pics…..go and chek the web site 🙂

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Whenever i'm in Venice I get kidnapped 
by his mysterious and timeless charm.
Unconditional love through my stomach 
and the eyes do not stop to admire
the beauty that is hidden in every alley, 
street, bridge, square, building, sestriere. 
Art shows and events are on daily agenda in Venice. 
Meet people of every nation and language is simple
because magic energy hangs in Venice. 
And the food,oh my Lord, 
the famous "cicchetti veneziani" remain on departure,
already a delicious nostalgia.
xxx love Katia

The italian job

When we talk about leather , we must say Italians do it better!

The leather production in Italy is the best in the world  and great are the artisans who create with genuine leather wonderful sofas, bed, armchairs, chairs and objects.

The beauty is that most of these companies are  family-run business. So the knowledge and the secrets of craftsmanship continue from generation to generation.



The Leather work in Italy  is mostly done by hand.

Passion, creativity and  patience distinguish the people who are doing ” Made in Italy” a product of excellence.

Thanks to the Italian designers and Italian schools such as the Polytechnic of Milan and IED,  the “italian beauty” continues to be well know and appreciate all around  the world.(export 2015 7 billion eur0 ; source Camera Commercio di Milano



Quality is the best business plan

I woke up today thinking about…..”Why? Why the system take us in the mood to have/have/have more in terms of quantity….and less in terms of quality?!”

How illogical is this way to think and act!

Why i have to buy something (that probably i not need) only because its cheap?!

Sometimes we desire something because is “fashion” maybe…

…..but listen , the Classic beauty, it will be forever fashion.

So be carefull when you chose some products. Read the tag, take your time.

Where is made (origin), made with what (composition), how many time you can use it before see some difference on it (abrasion resistance) it will not burn (fire retardant)

Wish you a good day, a beautiful quality day!