Go first

The bigger risk in this life for me

is to live and leave nothing who remember i was here.

What i love in the artist’s life is their ability to make something who live forever.

For example,

Wassilj Kandinskij (1866-1944) was the person who changed the history of painting.


Don’t care if you like his style or not but

he was the person who changed the art forever:

“With him the abstractism seen the light and the contemporary art was born”

He gone first. He done something that no one done before.

He took the risk to be innovative, different, extraordinary and no matter if others like or not.

So , when i look in our past, we have to see it….

…..be your self, go first and take the risk to be not understand!

This life,

is the only chance we have.

Happy saturday ❤

love Katia



Was so good be in Amsterdam!

Fast trip ( 3 days only) but really full of emotions and places and art and life.

The canal cruise is a must and the Hermitage museum too.

I flyed with KLM direct from Venice. Easy reached the city centre by train from airport directly.

People is friendly and the weather was amazing in the first week of September!



Whenever i'm in Venice I get kidnapped 
by his mysterious and timeless charm.
Unconditional love through my stomach 
and the eyes do not stop to admire
the beauty that is hidden in every alley, 
street, bridge, square, building, sestriere. 
Art shows and events are on daily agenda in Venice. 
Meet people of every nation and language is simple
because magic energy hangs in Venice. 
And the food,oh my Lord, 
the famous "cicchetti veneziani" remain on departure,
already a delicious nostalgia.
xxx love Katia

***Good vibes ***

Wynwood is a definitely a GOOD VIBES place!

If you have a chance to be in Miami make sure you visit it.

Art Galleries Music Food Events….indeed a peace of paradise 🙂


We ( my bro&i ) were here!


Love Katia

The seller.

We all are sellers ever since we are born?!

We sold our first needs …..by crying; the only way we could communicate at that time.


So if the question is we are born sellers or we became sellers….

….the answer is we are born sellers and we can became good sellers.


Many strategies have been written and told about “the art of selling”,

by the way for sure your personality determines fully 80% of your sales success.


Here’s a interesting video of Brian Tracy   about it.

Wish to you all good sales and a lovely day!






Grafic design

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, space, image and color.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphic_design)

I think is much more…..

Diamante Beghetto  was born in 1986. She is an artist; not only a grafic designer!

She has grown in a small castle town in the north east of Italy. Bassano del Grappa. She has 2 sisters and 1 brother. She has a curly black hair and a funny pretty face. She is called also “Topazia!”


When i look in her social page and in her web site http://www.dimantebeghetto.com , definitely i think she is much more than a grafic designer…… she is a beautiful italian talent.



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