Make a wish


I was here 10 years ago….maybe more.

Sometimes we forget how majest you are mountain.

My soul is so high now……

Only 1 hour from my home town Bassano del Grappa there is San Martino di Castrozza.

Piccolo Bar, in the city centre is the best place ever for Torta ai frutti di bosco ❤ under the December sun 🙂

How beautiful you are planet Earth; I bow to you Universe.

So much love, Katia



Whenever i'm in Venice I get kidnapped 
by his mysterious and timeless charm.
Unconditional love through my stomach 
and the eyes do not stop to admire
the beauty that is hidden in every alley, 
street, bridge, square, building, sestriere. 
Art shows and events are on daily agenda in Venice. 
Meet people of every nation and language is simple
because magic energy hangs in Venice. 
And the food,oh my Lord, 
the famous "cicchetti veneziani" remain on departure,
already a delicious nostalgia.
xxx love Katia