Quality products and SERVICES for FURNITURE industry.

Real Piel is warehouse service for ITALIAN LEATHER , PVC-PU LEATHER , MESH and FABRIC.

Founded in 2004 REAL PIEL is an italian company highly specialized in the production and trade Genuine Leathers and technical fabrics for forniture industry with a market range able to cover the small artigianal upholstery company and the largest manufacter of upholstery beds, sofas and lounges.

REAL PIEL has become an internationally company with a great reputation for quality and service.

We provide several different kinds of covering for furniture in office, residential and contract field (hotels, public spaces, educational, malls etc.) with more than 200 colors in genuine leather made in Italy always availabe just in time and with certifications in our material like CRIB 5 for the fabrics and 1IM for the leather and pvc leather (fire retardant certifications) and IMO for nautical interior.

From us you can have small quantities of leather ,even just one hide, till big quantity as well. MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY 1 HIDE with express delivery (5 days) and fabrics from 1 linear meter with our cut service.

We leverage on our Italian heritage and traditions, to creatively manufacture and distribute also seating element: sofa chairs and seating solutions.​

​We can provide the full final product or specialized elements to be embedded by client in the final product by assembly with different items.​

​We serve the contract and commercial segments, as well as the residential.​

​Along the value chain we work elbow to elbow with our clients from design to final manufactuitng , across design, prototyping, testing and moulding.

Real Piel srl is located in north east of Italy near Venice; the perfect shipment hub with either plane or vessel.

Prompt delivery, basic prices and good quality is our brand mark!

For further information about the company and a preliminary overview of all our upholstery products and seating you can visit our website REAL PIEL and follow us in the social media:

Instagram @real_piel      facebook Real Piel     pinterest Real Piel




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